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Graphics Gallery for The Mathematica GuideBook for Numerics

The images below are a small selection from the 1364 images in the book. Clicking any image below will take you a larger version of the clicked image, within a web page (X.Y MB) containing larger versions of all images of this page.

Charged Gosper curve Magnetic field lines of an infinite straight and a circular current Function with a boundary of analyticity Clebsch surfaces Time-evolution of a density under a discrete map Evolution of a surface under the Lorenz map Quantum carpet Iterated floor map 2D Fourier transform of the divisor function Branched pattern Periodic minimal surface Caustic formation 3D bifurcation Filled Hofstadter butterfly Nonlinear 2D coupled map evalution Classical and quantum-mechanical continuous time random walk Vortex trajectories Wavefunction shredder Solutions of the Cubic Ginzburg Landau equation