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Graphics Gallery for The Mathematica GuideBook for Downloads

The images below are a small selection from the downloadable additions on this website. Clicking any image below will take you a larger version of the clicked image, within a web page (X.Y MB) containing larger versions of all images of this page.

Charged Truchet pattern Vibrating square Koch drum Density distribution evolution in an anharmonic oscillator Classical and Wigner distribution of a driven anharmonic oscillator Clusters of visisted sites of random walker groups Energy-dependent Green's function of a multiple delta function potential
Eigenmodes of the isospectral domains bilby and hawk Eigenmodes of the isospectral domains bilby and hawk Cyclotomic polynomial Helmholtz equation eigenfunctions with mixed Dirichlet-Neumann boundary conditions Phase space trajectories in a Henon-Heiles potential Torus with aperiodic tiling Eigenfunctions of a Henon-Heiles potential Klein bottles 2D Minkowski function Charged polygons Quintic complex Ginzburg–Landau equation solution Local induction approximation PDE solution Hypercube projections Potential distribution and current flow in an aperiodic tiling