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Graphics Gallery for The Mathematica GuideBook for Symbolics

The images below are a small selection from the 848 images in the book. Clicking any image below will take you a larger version of the clicked image, within a web page (X.Y MB) containing larger versions of all images of this page.

Modular map Time-evolution in a quantum-mechanical Calogero potential Riemann surface of a classical pendulum Trajectories of a classical pendulum in complex time Scattering of a light wave on a dielectric cylinder Riemann surface of the inverse error function Random Helmholtz equation solutions Tight-fitting torus and double torus Multiple reflected ray superpositions Integration path for the Euler Beta function Constant negative curvature surfaces Geodesics on a holed surface Pentaellipse Modified 3D astroids Curvature-colored triple-periodic surface 2D harmonic oscillator states Time-evolution of a quantum-mechanical quartic oscillator Chebyshev polynomials